UK-based Iceotope’s environmentally efficient technology reduces the energy and water required to cool data centre servers, contributing towards the efforts to achieve net-zero emissions.

Impact Outcomes by Investment Themes

500000 M
Litres of Water Saved Through Avoidance of Livestock Agriculture
Metric Tonnes of Fugitive Plastic Pollution Avoided
Metric Tonnes of Fishing Avoided
Individuals and Micro-enterprises Gained Access to Financial Services
Individuals and Micro-enterprises Gained Access to Credit
Individuals and Micro-enterprises Protected by Insurance Policies
10 %
of Loans Used Directly for Agriculture Purposes
10 %
of Active Borrowers are Female (Primary or Co-borrow)
Patients Provided with Access to Healthcare
Patients Provided with Chronic Disease Screening, Diagnostics and Management Services
Patients Provided with Access to Dental and Oral Healthcare
Healthcare Professionals and Nursing Attendants Recruited and Trained, of which 50% are Female
Students Provided with Access to Quality Education Content Online
Stakeholders Benefited from Autism Therapy Services
Therapists and Teachers Recruited and Trained
Farmers Globally Gained Access to Customised Farming Advice and Information
Smallholder Farmers Globally Gained Access to Customised Farming Advice and Information (Out of the Total 7.92M Farmers Impacted)
Acres of Land Digitised

Climate and Water Solutions: Iceotope

Impact Thesis

Enabling reduction of energy and water use for data centres and contributing towards the net zero agenda.

Primary Impacts

Investment Thesis

Data centres, crucial in the digital age, are seeing massive growth but face environmental challenges due to high energy and water use. Their electricity consumption may double by 2026 to over 1,000 terawatt-hours, with water demand hitting 220 billion gallons in 2022, underscoring the need for greener solutions.

Iceotope’s patented liquid cooling technology efficiently directs dielectric fluid to server components, reducing energy and water use by up to 40% and 96% respectively, compared to traditional air-cooling technologies. This innovative approach helps to address critical challenges such as space, sustainability, scalability, and serviceability in data centres.

Since our investment, ABC Impact has supported the company’s market expansion in Asia, helped strengthen leadership, optimise reporting frameworks, and cultivate strategic partnerships within the global data centre ecosystem. 

Financial and Digital Inclusion: Chongho Bridge

Impact Thesis

Providing access to safe and affordable financial solutions to boost economic growth while promoting rural development in China.

Primary Impacts
Secondary Impact

Investment Thesis

In China, approximately 225 million people are underserved by quality financial services. The government’s emphasis on rural and agricultural development presents opportunities. Chongho Bridge, with over 20 years of experience, serves primarily rural communities, where many households struggle to obtain financing. It also supports micro, small, and medium enterprises, crucial for regional economic growth and employment. 

Chongho Bridge has built a strong on-the-ground sales network, enhancing its reach and understanding of local needs. Its offerings, including uncollateralised loans and tailored digital platforms, empower farmers, entrepreneurs, and families to overcome financial hurdles and invest in their futures. The company’s proven track record and prudent lending practices have built trust, especially amidst economic uncertainties post-pandemic.

ABC Impact has co-funded a study with Chongho Bridge and Nanjing Agricultural University to assess the impact of their services. This effort aims to refine impact measurement and validate positive social outcomes.

Building on this, we plan to continue our close collaboration with the company to sustain its impact on targeted beneficiaries. Since our investment, ABC Impact has helped Chongho Bridge diversify its services to include agri-services, insurance, and renewable energy solutions, thus enhancing its market proposition. We have also facilitated strategic partnerships and offered guidance to optimise future fundraising efforts.

Better Healthcare and Education: Dami & Xiaomi

Impact Thesis

Enabling children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to receive required early childhood care, leading to improved outcomes for the children and better well-being for the entire family.

Primary Impact
Secondary Impact

Investment Thesis

Early intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is essential, yet specialised services are often scarce, leading to delayed diagnoses and inadequate support. In China, an estimated two million children have ASD, with diagnoses increasing annually by 200,000. However, the country lacks trained therapists and localised treatment programmes, resulting in a significant gap in third-party autism therapy.

DaMi & XiaoMi, as the second-largest provider of ASD intervention services in China, has built a strong reputation and operational track record. With the highest number of BCBA-certified therapists and a large R&D team, it ensures high-quality care. The company is also developing its own treatment system based on the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) methodology, tailored to Chinese children’s needs.

Government subsidies and increased social insurance coverage for ASD rehabilitation have driven demand growth in China’s autism therapy market, expected to grow at a 35% CAGR from 2021 to 2026. DaMi & XiaoMi is well-positioned to capitalise on this growth, leveraging its competitive advantages and expanding into Tier 2 cities.

Since our investment, ABC Impact has supported DaMi & XiaoMi’s expansion to 33 locations in China. By introducing affordable group classes and an expanded online syllabus, the company aims to increase accessibility to therapy. We provide strategic guidance on M&As, key hiring, and facilitate connections with potential partners to enhance service offerings.

Together with the management team, ABC Impact enhances DaMi & XiaoMi’s impact monitoring and reporting protocols, ensuring data-driven evidence of positive outcomes. We also work to strengthen the company’s ESG standards and compliance, reinforcing its commitment to social responsibility and ethical practices.

Sustainable Food and Agriculture: Winnow Solutions

Impact Thesis

Enabling companies to measure and track food waste, leading to the avoidance of GHG emissions through improved inventory management, production planning and forecasting.

Primary Impact
Secondary Impact

Investment Thesis

Food waste is not simply a kitchen error; it constitutes a global crisis contributing to hunger and runaway greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing regulations and a growing focus on sustainability in the food and hospitality sector are driving demand for solutions to minimize food waste.

Winnow, the world’s leading AI-powered food waste reduction platform, empowers commercial kitchens across 70 countries to reduce waste by an average of 50%. Its solutions offer precise tracking using AI-powered bins and tablets, providing detailed information on volume and value of food waste by source. Advanced analytics reveal patterns and trends, guiding kitchens towards smarter practices in purchasing, production, and staff training.

Winnow’s system seamlessly integrates into existing kitchen workflows, driving user adoption and lasting behavioural change. Its modular product offerings cater to kitchens of all sizes, ensuring scalability.

Positioned to tap into a massive and expanding market, Winnow’s innovative technology targets pre-consumer waste and offers seamless integration, establishing it as a clear leader in food waste management. 

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Proin Rutrum

Looking Ahead

At ABC Impact, we understand that impact investing goes beyond just numbers. While quantitative metrics are crucial, we believe in taking a deeper dive. We know that to truly measure our impact on people and the environment, we need to conduct thorough qualitative analysis and assessments. 

That is why we are constantly seeking innovative solutions to address data scarcity, especially in emerging Asian markets. This ensures that we can validate our impact every step of the way throughout the investment cycle.

But our commitment does not stop there. We are always learning and improving. We are conducting in-depth beneficiary studies to see first-hand how our investments are changing lives in communities, and we intend to eventually measure and report biodiversity impact as well.

And it is not just about our portfolio. As a leading pan-Asian impact investor, we are all about sharing knowledge, developing standards, and building connections in the industry. While impact investing in Asia has come a long way, there are still misconceptions about how to achieve solid investment returns.

But we see immense opportunities ahead, especially as we tackle the region’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. At ABC Impact, we are ready to seize these opportunities and make a real difference in Asia and beyond.

CIOs Message

Since inception, ABC Impact has been laser-focused on building a robust impact and investment measurement system. This allows us to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and responsible investing, showcasing progress, while also informing future decisions.

2023 had presented challenges with geopolitical tensions, spiking commodity prices, and increased cost of capital. Amidst this backdrop, our impact fund navigated with agility and purpose having honed our lens, identifying the right business models to back and the key factors for adoption.

Technology emerged as a bright spot, driving continued investment such as AI solutions. This highlights the enduring power of innovation in shaping a more sustainable and equitable future and we made two investments in tech-driven companies to fight plastic pollution and reducing food waste.

Beyond investments, we focused on solidifying our impact framework. We continued to align our metrics with international standards, earned B Corp certification, and joined the 2xGlobal gender initiative and the ESG Data Convergence Initiative, actively contributing to standardization and best practices.

Collaboration remains a cornerstone of our approach. We partnered with the Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (CIIP) to share knowledge and mentor emerging impact investors. We actively participated in industry events and knowledge-sharing initiatives, contributing to the growth of the impact investing ecosystem.

Looking ahead, we are optimistic. We have a strong foundation, a refined investment strategy, and a deep network of partners. We are confident that by continuing to prioritize impact and financial returns, we can deliver exceptional value for our investors and make a lasting positive difference in the world.