ABC Impact’s Journey

In 2018, amidst the nascent stages of impact investing in Asia, ABC Impact identified a unique opportunity. Recognising a gap in the mid-market segment, where promising enterprises lacked the necessary capital to scale their positive contributions, we saw a chance to make a difference. 

Today, our inaugural Fund I, totaling $300 million, supports a diverse portfolio of 12 companies across our investment themes. They address critical challenges ranging from sustainable agriculture to financial inclusion. With one successful exit already achieved, we continue to receive strong inbound interest in our portfolio companies and work closely with them towards future significant milestones in their growth trajectories.

With the track record from our inaugural fund, we launched our second fund in 2023 to empower more impact-driven founders in shaping a brighter future for Asia.

As a specialist in impact investing for Asia, we hold a deep understanding of what authentic impact investing entails. Our journey has underscored the importance of execution and maximising the potential of our investments.

History and


  • Launched Fund I with Temasek Trust, Temasek, Pavilion Capital, Mapletree, Seatown Holdings, SP Group, and Sembcorp as founding investors.
  • Developed proprietary impact measurement & management (IMM) system; adopted 5 Dimensions approach developed by Impact Management Project (now known as Imapct Frontiers).
  • Established key investment themes.


  • Closed Fund I at US$300M – largest inaugural Asia-focused impact investment fund.
  • Began active deployment across our investment themes.


  • Generated US$27M in co-investment opportunities for LPs.
  • Published our first impact review. 


  • First successful exit with Sunseap.
  • Become a signatory to the Operating Principles of Impact Management.
  • Became a signatory of the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).


  • Launched Fund II.
  • Attained the B Corp Certification to validate responsible practices.
  • Became a member of the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI).
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Looking Ahead

At ABC Impact, we understand that impact investing goes beyond just numbers. While quantitative metrics are crucial, we believe in taking a deeper dive. We know that to truly measure our impact on people and the environment, we need to conduct thorough qualitative analysis and assessments. 

That is why we are constantly seeking innovative solutions to address data scarcity, especially in emerging Asian markets. This ensures that we can validate our impact every step of the way throughout the investment cycle.

But our commitment does not stop there. We are always learning and improving. We are conducting in-depth beneficiary studies to see first-hand how our investments are changing lives in communities, and we intend to eventually measure and report biodiversity impact as well.

And it is not just about our portfolio. As a leading pan-Asian impact investor, we are all about sharing knowledge, developing standards, and building connections in the industry. While impact investing in Asia has come a long way, there are still misconceptions about how to achieve solid investment returns.

But we see immense opportunities ahead, especially as we tackle the region’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. At ABC Impact, we are ready to seize these opportunities and make a real difference in Asia and beyond.

CIOs Message

Since inception, ABC Impact has been laser-focused on building a robust impact and investment measurement system. This allows us to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and responsible investing, showcasing progress, while also informing future decisions.

2023 had presented challenges with geopolitical tensions, spiking commodity prices, and increased cost of capital. Amidst this backdrop, our impact fund navigated with agility and purpose having honed our lens, identifying the right business models to back and the key factors for adoption.

Technology emerged as a bright spot, driving continued investment such as AI solutions. This highlights the enduring power of innovation in shaping a more sustainable and equitable future and we made two investments in tech-driven companies to fight plastic pollution and reducing food waste.

Beyond investments, we focused on solidifying our impact framework. We continued to align our metrics with international standards, earned B Corp certification, and joined the 2xGlobal gender initiative and the ESG Data Convergence Initiative, actively contributing to standardization and best practices.

Collaboration remains a cornerstone of our approach. We partnered with the Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (CIIP) to share knowledge and mentor emerging impact investors. We actively participated in industry events and knowledge-sharing initiatives, contributing to the growth of the impact investing ecosystem.

Looking ahead, we are optimistic. We have a strong foundation, a refined investment strategy, and a deep network of partners. We are confident that by continuing to prioritize impact and financial returns, we can deliver exceptional value for our investors and make a lasting positive difference in the world.