We are a private equity firm dedicated to impact investing. Headquartered in Singapore, we invest in companies generating meaningful impact and creating positive change in Asia.


We adopt a proprietary impact measurement and management system that is integrated into our investment process. This helps us monitor impact performance and ensure portfolio companies deliver impact outcomes, alongside financial returns. Through evidence-based research and industry-aligned metrics, we invest in companies whose products and services help advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We are a diverse team of professionals who understands Asia and its vast potential for impact at scale. With cross-functional expertise and experience from impact investing, private equity, portfolio management, legal, and non-governmental organisations, we are united in the mission to make a difference to our environment and the communities in Asia.


Fostering impact at scale through private capital

As part of our mission, we develop insightful studies, commission independent research, and share our perspectives on various environmental and social impact challenges around the world.

Driving measurable and positive impact alongside compelling financial returns

What We Invest In

Acceleration & Growth Stage

We primarily invest in impact-driven companies seeking capital to finance early growth and expansion.


We focus on founders and companies with strong impact intentionality, driving outcomes in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Asia Focused

We seek to support companies whose products and services have the potential to address Asia’s biggest challenges.


A Growing Portfolio

A global mandate, with an Asia focus

Chongho Bridge’s economical rural services enable borrowers to invest in their livelihoods, achieve financial resilience, and ultimately better their standards of living.


No Poverty Decent Work and Economic Growth

Primary Impact

Reduced Inequalities

Secondary Impact

Rural communities require enabling capital to advance the economy

China has the world’s largest unbanked population of nearly 287 million people, with majority in rural areas. These rural communities typically comprise micro-entrepreneurs or small-scale enterprises that are unable to sustain or scale with insufficient financial resources.

As MSMEs account for 97% of registered businesses and 82% of employment in the country, limited access to financial services has been and continues to be a significant barrier to economic development in rural China. The success and revitalisation of these rural communities and economy are integral to the continued growth of the Chinese economy.

Investing in affordable microfinance solutions to revitalise the rural economy

Chongho Bridge’s convenient, fast, and economical rural services enable borrowers to invest in their livelihoods, achieve financial resilience, and ultimately better their standards of living. Better business prospects also enable customers to improve their working conditions and provide more employment opportunities to their communities.

Chongho Bridge facilitates the achievement of sustainable economic development in these rural populations. Our investment in the company highlights our commitment to advancing financial inclusion and reducing inequalities for underserved communities.

HCAH offers a diverse suite of specialised out-of-hospital services at affordable prices that improve quality and access to health services while easing the burden on health systems in India.


Good Health and Well-Being

Primary Impact

Myriad of challenges for India’s health sector

COVID-19, rapid urbanisation and the rising burden of chronic diseases pose major health challenges globally. In India, issues around access and affordability of healthcare services further magnify these problems for its health systems and population. As demand consistently increases, the country’s supply infrastructure is further constrained, both in terms of quality and quantity. Shortages in health workforce and resources as well as limited organised healthcare providers result in India’s population experiencing fragmented, sub-optimal care – within and outside the hospital.

Investing in out-of-hospital care to transform healthcare delivery models

We invested in HealthCare atHOME (HCAH) for its two-fold ability to deliver positive benefits at both the individual and systemic level. HCAH offers a diverse suite of specialised out-of-hospital services at affordable pricing, ranging from ICU-at-home to rehabilition services and recently, COVID care. By providing alternate care delivery structures, HCAH contributes to improving the access and quality of health services for patients, while offering systemic relief to India’s constrained supply infrastructure. HCAH’s out-of-hospital model also ensures patients receive continuous care with reduced risk of hospital readmissions and infections, driving better health outcomes for the population.

Kim Dental reaches an underserved population and addresses the oral care needs of the country’s emerging middle class.


Good Health and Well-Being

Primary Impact

Oral health remains neglected in the overall health agenda

Oral diseases affect over 3.5 billion people globally. Poor oral health remains a silent epidemic, particularly for low- and middle-income countries and their disadvantaged populations. Maintaining good oral health is also fundamental to overall health as oral diseases often share risk factors and social determinants with numerous other non-communicable diseases.

Investing to address inequalities in access to oral healthcare

We invested in Kim Dental to bridge the access gap for oral healthcare in Vietnam. Through its affordable range of dental services, Kim Dental is able to reach an underserved population and meet the oral care needs of the country’s emerging middle class. It also bolsters health infrastructure and workforce through its quality clinics and training initiatives, to contribute to an increasing standard of oral health services throughout the country.


We focus on thematic areas that can reframe the region’s most pressing environmental and social challenges into growth and development opportunities.

Climate & Water
Financial & Digital Inclusion
Better Healthcare & Education
Sustainable Food & Agriculture