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ABC Impact Secures First Close Of Fund II With Support From New Investors

  • ABC Impact Fund II launched in August 2023 with support from new investors that include a Southeast Asian sovereign wealth fund, and existing partners
  • Fund II AUM now exceeds US$550 million, with final close expected in 2024
  • Fund I launched in 2019 and has invested in 11 portfolio companies to build a robust track record with measurable and evidence-based outcomes

SINGAPORE, 17 January 2024 — ABC Impact, Asia’s leading impact private equity firm, is pleased to announce the successful first closing of its second impact fund, ABC Impact Fund II. Launched in August 2023, ABC Impact Fund II has garnered support from new investors, notably a Southeast Asian sovereign wealth fund. Bolstered by the track record of its inaugural fund, ABC Impact has also received significant backing from existing partners, including Temasek Trust, Temasek, SeaTown Holdings, and Mapletree Investments. Fund II Assets Under Management (AUM) now exceeds US$550 million, with the final close expected in 2024.

“We are pleased to achieve the first closing of ABC Impact Fund II with strong support from both our new and existing partners. The robust interest in Fund II is a validation of the strategy embedded in our inaugural fund. With a steadfast commitment to disciplined and evidence-based impact investing, we are particularly encouraged by the enthusiasm of new investors joining our mission. As we continue to drive meaningful change through our portfolio of purposeful companies, we look forward to more like-minded partners joining us,” said David Heng, CEO of ABC Impact.

Established in 2019, ABC Impact’s core mission is to generate positive and measurable social or environmental outcomes in Asia while delivering compelling risk-adjusted returns for investors. The firm’s inaugural US$300 million fund has been strategically deployed across various sectors, including financial and digital inclusion, better health and education, climate and water solutions, and sustainable food and agriculture. The positive outcomes generated since inception have played a pivotal role in attracting investors keen on contributing to impactful and sustainable investment initiatives.

ABC Impact Fund I Has Delivered Robust Track Record and Evidence-based Outcomes

Since its inception, ABC Impact Fund I has invested in 11 portfolio companies and is nearing full deployment. The portfolio showcases impact-driven companies addressing environmental and societal challenges through innovative solutions. In 2022, the fund achieved a successful exit from Sunseap, a Singapore-based solar company. 

In its latest impact report released in March 2023, the Fund disclosed the following impact outcomes:

  • 20.26M people supplied with essential services 
  • 2.04M patients provided access to healthcare services
  • 7.78M students provided access to quality education content digitally 
  • 31,747 stakeholders benefited from autism therapy services 
  • 2.64M individuals & micro-enterprises gained access to financial services 
  • 7.76M farmers globally gained access to customised farming advice and information 
  • 1.68M metric tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided 
  • 42.6B litres of water saved through avoidance of livestock agriculture 

Committing To Impact Standards  

As a leading impact investor driving outcomes for Asia, ABC Impact actively participates in globally recognized impact industry initiatives. In 2022, the firm became a signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management (“Impact Principles”), committing to a global standard for impact investing. ABC Impact also engaged BlueMark, a Tideline company, for an independent verification of its impact management practices aligned with the Impact Principles. ABC Impact is also a signatory of the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investments.

In 2023, ABC Impact achieved B Corp™ Certification, affirming its commitment to responsible practices. The firm has also joined 2X Global, supporting gender equality and diversity at the fund and portfolio levels, with ABC Impact Fund I aligned with 2X criteria. Additionally, ABC Impact is part of the ESG Data Convergence Initiative, contributing to the creation of a standardized set of ESG metrics and a mechanism for comparative reporting among private companies.

Anticipated Fund Closure

ABC Impact Fund II is expected to hold its final close in 2024, marking a significant milestone for ABC Impact as it continues to advance sustainable solutions and drive positive transformations in Asia. The fund is poised to further expand its impact-driven initiatives across the region.

ABC Impact remains steadfast in its dedication to advancing its mission, leveraging the collective expertise and resources of its partners to make a lasting and positive impact on communities and the environment.


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About ABC Impact

ABC Impact is a Singapore-headquartered and Asia-focused private equity fund dedicated to impact investing. We invest in companies that drive positive change by addressing the world’s most pressing challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, and deepening inequality. Our investment themes include financial and digital inclusion, better health and education, climate and water solutions, and sustainable food and agricultures.

We believe that investing with an impact lens demonstrates the positive power of private capital and can help to foster more innovative and resilient companies that deliver societal and environmental benefits. We are a disciplined investor with a rigorous and evidence-based impact assessment approach that aims to generate positive and measurable social or environmental outcomes, alongside a compelling risk-adjusted return for our investors.

Established in 2019, we are a division of Temasek Trust Asset Management Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based global asset management firm. Our founding investors are Temasek Trust, Temasek, Pavilion Capital, Mapletree Investments, Seatown Holdings, SP Group, and Sembcorp Industries.

ABC Impact is a signatory of the Operating Principles for Impact Management and the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

ABC Impact became B Corp™ Certified in 2023 by meeting high standards of social & environmental performance, transparency & accountability.

Our annual impact report, “Shaping the Climate for Impact”, is available at

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